Intersections of Law and Culture 2011

Event: Intersections of Law and Culture 2011

Organizer: Department of Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies, Franklin College Switzerland

Type: Conference

Place: Lugano (Switzerland)

Dates: 23-25 September 2011

Presentation: Intersections of Law and Culture aims to investigate law's place in culture and culture's place in law. This focus proceeds from the twin premise that law, itself a cultural form, reacts to and is shaped by the cultural context in which it operates and that culture in turn is shaped by the regulative forces of law. Moreover, the operations of law – its processes and decisions – have entered the realm of popular culture, media and the arts as plot devices and narratives used in sit-coms, films and pulp fiction. These in turn have begun to change the way law operates. Together law and culture help to determine the ways in which we inhabit both our local contexts and the global stage.