News flash (October 2009)

The Loi relative à la protection pénale de la propriété littéraire et artistique sur internet has been published to the Journal officiel de la République française.

2009-10-29 17:10:25


The French minister of Culture and Communication launched the operation «Mon journal offert» aimed at 18 to 24 years old. [read]

2009-10-27 18:08:02


Libération: M6 censure une enquête de Zone interdite. [read]

2009-10-25 16:22:04


Reporters Without Borders published its Press Freedom Index 2009. [read]

2009-10-21 15:26:48


Congressional Quarterly: Military reverses ban on publicizing fatal war photos. [read]

2009-10-20 23:32:19


The New York Times: New York Times moves to trim 100 in newsroom. [read]

2009-10-20 08:01:27



The New York Times: Artist admits using other photo for ‘Hope' poster. [read]

2009-10-18 14:38:47


A report by the Cour des comptes: France Télévisions et la nouvelle télévision publique

2009-10-17 23:25:14


The Washington Post: Military limits publishing images of U.S. casualties in Afghanistan. [read]

2009-10-17 17:24:34


A new study about the Pratiques culturelles des Français à l'ère numérique... a study available only on paper! [read]

2009-10-15 23:27:06


Le Monde: Échec culturel. [read]

2009-10-15 23:19:53



Seattle Times: Seattle owner cancels claim for stolen art – The Warhol images were insured for $25 million, but collector Richard Weisman says he doesn't want to deal with the insurance investigation into the robbery at his Los Angeles home. [read]

2009-10-14 17:12:51


McGraw-Hill will sell BusinessWeek to Bloomberg. [read]

2009-10-14 09:37:42


Avis du Conseil supérieur de l'audiovisuel sur l'acquisition des chaînes TMC et NT1 par le groupe TF1.

2009-10-12 23:05:43


ASIL Insight: ICTY Special Chamber decision in the case against Florence Hartmann. [read]

2009-10-09 22:24:13


The Art Newspaper: Salary cuts for one third of US museum directors – Survey shows widespread pay reductions, hiring freezes and layoffs. [read]

2009-10-08 23:51:56


The Art Newspaper: Secret scandal of British Museum director's masterpiece – Government papers reveal how John Pope-Hennessy was allowed to export old master painting which he promptly sold. [read]

2009-10-08 23:48:08


Canwest Global Communications filed for protection under the Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act. [read]

2009-10-06 23:39:34


The New York Times: Condé Nast closes Gourmet and 3 other magazines. [read]

2009-10-05 23:52:12