News flash (September 2009)

Le Monde: Viviane Reding: «Vers un internet libre de toute intervention politique». [read]

2009-09-30 13:46:33


Irina Gueorguieva Bokova, from Bulgaria, is designated Unesco's next director-general, while the controversial Egyptian candidate Farouk Hosni is defeated.

2009-09-22 20:24:56


It is Figaro's turn to relaunch a (slightly) modified version of its website and to introduce a new print edition format.

2009-09-21 12:03:51


The Department of Justice filed a statement of interest with the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York in the class action settlement in Authors Guild Inc. v. Google Inc.. [read]

2009-09-19 17:35:52


Competition Commission authorises the transfer of Edipresse Group's Swiss assets to Tamedia. [read]

2009-09-17 11:24:09


A Specially Appointed Chamber of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia convicted Florence Hartmann of contempt of the tribunal for disclosing confidential information in a book she published.

2009-09-15 11:26:35


This month, the Journal du Barreau (of Québec) celebrates its 40th year of publishing. [read]

2009-09-13 11:22:08


The New York Times: Agreement gives Leibovitz more time to repay loans. [read]

2009-09-12 19:25:30


Libération: L'info est un combat. [read]

2009-09-08 22:06:10


Yesterday, Libération launched a new formula of its print edition and unveiled an improved website with a new pay offer.

2009-09-08 22:02:23


Le Monde: Culture française sans frontière, un défi pour Frédéric Mitterrand. [read]

2009-09-05 18:27:49


Le Figaro: Baldelli: «Nous allons réduire les coûts de RTL». [read]

2009-09-04 19:07:51


Winnipeg Free Press: The media march off to court. [read]

2009-09-04 17:46:55


Le Temps: Le bénéfice net de Tamedia s'effondre. [read]

2009-09-03 13:01:58


The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal rules that hate-speech law violates the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

2009-09-03 12:34:28


Le Figaro: Alexandre Bompard: «Europe 1 n'a pas vocation à être lisse et tiède». [read]

2009-09-01 18:55:05


Le Monde: La Commission européenne se penche sur l'aide de l'État à France Télévisions. [read]

2009-09-01 18:32:57


Le Monde: Le photojournalisme a besoin d'imagination plus que de lamentations. [read]

2009-09-01 13:56:35


A year ago, the Observatoire du droit du divertissement became the Institute for Culture Law.

2009-09-01 12:20:21