Barack Obama

Obama pays tribute to the press corps

President Barack Obama paid tribute to the press corps last night at the White House Correspondents' Association annual dinner. “Some of you are seasoned veterans who have been on the political beat for decades. Others here tonight began their careers as bloggers not long ago”, he said in his concluding remarks. “I think it's fair to say that every single reporter in this room believes deeply in the enterprise of journalism”, he immediately added.

The President reassured his guests that he fully understands the importance of their work to preserve one of the founding pillars of the American democracy, the freedom of the press: “Every one of you, even the most cynical among you, understands and cherishes the function of a free press in the preservation of our system of government and our way of life. And I want you to know that for all the jokes and occasional gripes, I cherish that work as well.

He finished his speech as he has started it, with a humorous tone: “In fact, tonight, I wanted to present you all with a bipartisan, Congressional resolution that honors all those wonderful contributions that journalists have made to our country and our world. Unfortunately, I couldn't break the filibuster.” The White House Correspondents' Association dinner is held annually, in Washington, and gathers about 3 000 journalists, political figures and celebrities.