The database has thousands of legal references of interest to jurists studying or working in the field of culture and law. It relies on Zotero, which offers the best solution to share scientific references. Check the “Help and rights” section below for more information, and read carefully the warning about external content and intellectual property rights.

References provided in the database, which is updated daily, come from twenty-three (23) countries and seventeen (17) international organisations. They refer to journal articles, book chapters, books, theses, court decisions, legislation, international treaties, reports and various other national and international documents (see below).

Entries are classified mainly according to these three (3) legal areas:

The database also includes references to five (5) other legal areas:

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Types of documents

The database includes references to the following document types: bilateral treaties, multilateral treaties, law journal article, book chapters, official documents (national and international), cases (national and international), legislation (by-laws, decrees, orders, regulations, etc.), and monographs. A list of legal abbreviations is available to help understanding legal citations and references.

Incomplete references

You may stumble upon incomplete references. It is information that I do not have and which I invite you to complete. I also kindly ask you to let me know of any error that you may find in the information presented on this site.

External content

Information and documents from external sources made available to the user through the site, including the database, are for informational purposes only and does not engage my responsibility in any way whatsoever.

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